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Glorifying Kit

HK$8,230.00 HK$10,260.00

Glorify your skin until it glows like Michelle’s!

Our most comprehensive skincare kit contains everything you need to give your skin a glorious new glow! Masking, cleansing, anti-aging, and eye and lip treatments are all included for full skin rejuvenation.  

Two complementary facial masks give your face a double treat – each using our unique two-compound formula which packages the clay powder and mask activator separately, eliminating the need for synthetic additives and preservatives and retaining the natural potency of the ingredients. Once mixed, the formula can be stored in the refrigerator and used repeatedly for up to a month.  

Two dedicated face products help to reduce the signs of aging and reawaken a more youthful appearance while two eye and lip products are especially formulated for those delicate areas around the eyes and lips, where the telltale first signs of age appear.  

This complete selection of Michelle's favourite products makes up the ultimate skincare set, combining our Perfect Home Spa, Eye Kick and Daily Ritual kits to help pamper and protect your skin and transform your appearance, giving your complexion a fresher and more youthful glow. 

*Mask Powder requires Activators or Activating Mist to Activate. Do not recommend using water to activate the powder as water evaporates skin's hydration which may not deliver the proper result of the powder packs.

Kit includes: 

Restoring Australian Clay Mask (After Mixing) 100ml  

Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask (After Mixing) 100ml  

Revitalizing Cream Cleanser 150ml  

Activating Mist 150ml  

Age Delaying Serum 50ml  

Age Delaying Cream 50ml  

Eye & Lip Illuminating Serum 15ml  

Eye & Lip Contouring Cream 15ml

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Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask 

The mask combines three Australian clay powders to cleanse, refine and exfoliate pores and dead skin cells for clearer and smoother skin, while rejuvenating skin with antioxidants and stimulating new cell growth. It works together with the Refreshing Activator, which contains a selection of natural moisturizing ingredients to calm, cleanse, protect and hydrate the skin. 

Restoring Australian Clay Mask 

The mask contains three Australian clay powders and other natural powders to increase skin hydration and calm stressed skin, reversing the signs of aging and reviving the natural radiance of skin. It works in partnership with the Nourishing Activator, which contains a powerful combination of natural ingredients to balance out the drying effect of the clay, soothe and moisturize skin, and stimulate healthy cell growth. 

Revitalizing Cream Cleanser 

The Cleanser is packed with nature’s finest ingredients to remove makeup and impurities in one gentle cleanse, to prep and revive your skin with hydration and softness, leaving it fresh, dewy and revitalized. 

Activating Mist 

The mist contains potent anti-aging extracts and moisturizing compounds to tone, revive, rehydrate, soothe and prep skin for enhanced absorption. Use it after cleansing as a toner, or at any time for quick skin refreshment and an instant pick-me-up effect. It is also an excellent spritz to set makeup and reduce any “cakey” look. 

Age Delaying Serum 

The serum smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, increasing skin vitality and brightening skin complexion by rejuvenating and hydrating skin. 

Age Delaying Cream

Antioxidant-rich formula also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, firming the area around the eyes and lips with 72-hour hydration. 

Eye & Lip Illuminating Serum 

The serum lifts sagging eyes by minimizing dark circles and puffiness, and erasing fine lines around the eyes and lips to revitalize and brighten facial features. 

Eye & Lip Contouring Cream 

The cream firms the skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips with 72-hour hydration.

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