The Club RARE Concierge Servicer provides members with local and foreign customized trip arrangements, whether it is basic flight tickets and hotel reservations, dining bookings or museum and theme park ticket reservations, just a phone call or an email can be completed, one-stop service makes the journey wonderful and admirable.

Bon Voyage!

Travel crafts custom trips

Exploding in both the business and leisure spaces, whenever it’s accessing a remote destination or taking back control of productivity and flight scheduling.

From luxury hotels to the finest resorts

With travel back in full force, there are a host of beautiful hotels and resorts to make sure you escape for your next holiday in style.

From over-the-water bungalows to low-impact eco-resorts, there are a host of high-end hideaways, the globe over that will help you escape your mundane routine.

Tailor Cruise Vacation

Featuring personalized services and programs that enable you to travel at your own pace and explore those things which interest you the most.

From unique, prebookable adventures ashore to exclusive pre- and post-cruise land program

Private islands Paradise

From having a front-row seat for the world’s most wondrous views to being submerged in nature in your own marine reserve, a private-island vacation will immerse you in a personal piece of paradise.