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The Big Things Kitchen exclusively design special menus, includes holiday seaso, for The Club RARE members

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Who We Are

The Big Things Kitchen is a fun and dynamic restaurant group
offering diverse and creative cuisines. By adhering to the direction
of quality, sustainable development, and environmental protection,
we provide customers with diversified, nutritious, and healthy
cuisines with high-quality ingredients.

We opened a family-friendly restaurant at The Mills in June 2019.
We soon evolved our brand to include a bento delivery service the
following year. We subsequently opened The Big Things Noodles
in 2021, a noodle house featuring extraordinary reimagined classic
dishes in a bowl. Our latest project, The Pot Spot, introduced a new
wave of Chinese cuisine to the dining scene earlier this year. We
also offer professional catering delivery services.

Our Profession

From time to time, The Big Things Kitchen collaborates with
talented chefs to add new dishes with elements of surprise.
Apart from Japanese chef Tomiya Yu kicking off the opening with
modern fusion washoku bento and bowl, we have another
collaboration featuring “shojin ryori” bento, ideal for flexitarians or
vegans. The Big Things Kitchen and Catty and Tael collaborated to
create The Pot Spot, showcasing an innovative twists on traditional