The Club RARE

Eunoia Candle


Handcrafted contemporary sculptural candle that makes one surrounded with pleasance, it is specially designed with the essential oil of Moso Bamboo which allows you to breathe in the fresh crisp air, feeling at one with nature. 

Color: cream

Size: L 20cm x W 9cm x D 4cm

Weight: 470g

*Candle Care
Each sculptural candle is individually hand poured, therefore is unique & may contain slight imperfections & variations. It is a decorative candle that spreads the scent with or without lighting, but if you decide to light it, please note the following:

- Do not leave the candles unattended while burning. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
- For optimal burning time, do not burn your candles near an open
door/window or air-conditioning as a draught will affect your flame.
- Always remember to trim your wick, it only needs to be approximately 0.5cm in length in order to keep the flame smoke-free.
- Wax spillage is expected, ensure your candle is on a fire resistant tray or surface.
- Do not keep your candles in direct sunlight and keep them away from heat sources.

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