100% Handcrafted Fruity Popsicles

Stickhouse HK

Stickhouse HK is a handcrafted popsicles company, using artisanal methods and natural ingredients to create unique and flavorful popsicles. 

The mixture of popsicles is combined with carbonated water to create a refreshing and fizzy soda!

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100% HK Flower crocheting


Flower crocheting demonstration is a creative and interactive session where guests could learn the art of crafting beautiful flowers using crocheting techniques. The crocheting stitches and techniques specific to creating lifelike flower petals, leaves, and stems. 

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100% Sustainable Clean Beauty Brand

RARE SkinFuel

Empower women to gain confidence through their bare skin without fear. Both skin and mind will be recharged by our highest quality skincare products - Natural extracted botanical and marine active ingredients, providing precise and comprehensive skin care effects.

RARE SkinFuel promotes Skincare Minimalism - Skinimalism. Especially in daily skincare routine, total 6 products in our facial care collection, from Revitalizing Cream Cleanser to Age Delaying Cream, are sufficient for any skin need, and regardless of skin type or skin condition.

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Feel Free to bring your friends or kids to have some fun before school starts!

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Date : Aug 29 - 30  ( Tues & Wed )
Time : 12 nn - 6 pm ( By sessions only )
Location : Shop 309, 3/F, Landmark Atrium, Central