Smart Beauty

Be Your Own Skin Dermatologist

Skin Analyzer Experience

5G Smart Mirror

Skin diagnostics based on the consumer’s picture are combined with user data to enable you to advise, educate, and guide your customers on their skincare journey. Boost conversion, retention, and average order value with automated and personalized skincare products, routines, and treatments.

This magic mirror with scanning system to identify specific skin area and reveal your bare skin problems for better personalized skincare solutions.

Be Your Own Dermatologist with

Mixing Your Own Skincare

Did you ever count the total number of beauty products on your vanity? Besides, Do you know how many of them are really needed for your skin?
RARE SkinFuel promotes Skincare Minimalism - Skinimalism.

Especially in daily skincare routine, total 6 products in our facial care collection, from Revitalizing Cream Cleanser to Age Delaying Cream, are sufficient for any skin need, and regardless of skin type or skin condition.

Simply mixing with a few skincare products for all your skin problems under different conditions.

allklear Drinkable Wellness

Future Salad Tasting

Future Salad is on a mission to create a better future. Future Salad's new Salad Drink Mix is different from traditional salads as of a longer shelf life than ordinary vegetables and salad dishes. By consuming Future Salad, we can reduce food waste without losing any nutritional value.

Salad Drink Mix also reduces the electricity required to preserve food, the storage space, transportation, plastic utensils and packaging. It uses less earth resources than traditional salads, thereby reducing carbon emissions and contributing to environmental protection.

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