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The RARE Shop

The RARE Shop - Deluxe Personal Care to Luxury Lifestyle A multi-brand retail platform, which collecting international and local designer brands, introducing exquisite fashion, lifestyle and accessories products to our RARE members.

Luxury Beauty & Cosmestics


From cult-classic moisturizing creams to perfectly curated makeup palettes, our great collection of beauty products also includes candles, diffusers and makeup to create a spa experience at home!

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The Depth of Luxurious


Whether you’re looking to add to your cellar, start a new collection or discover a varietal from unexplored terroir, our edit of luxury wine has your perfect match!

From French red wine joyfully bursting with sun-ripened fruit and smooth tannins to clean and crisp whites from Australia, Chile, Italy and beyond, you’ll find fresh favourites for every palate.

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The Richness of Luxury

Gourmet Delight

A sense of ritual is a vital component of the exquisite luxury lifestyle, and authentic ingredients are essential from The RARE Shop preparing any special dinner at your home!

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Design Your Deluxe Space

Home Decor

Create a unique and welcoming world for your own home with The RARE Shop beautiful and high-quality selections of home decor and our professional interior experts are there to advise you on achieving every details of your dream place!

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Wrap Your Luxury Gift


With the wide range of luxury goods, The RARE Shop Gifting allows you customize the most loving and luxurious gift for your families and friends to celebrate any special days!

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