November 11, 2022

The Club RARE Launch

The Club RARE 是一個全新的香港會所平台,以親民態度提倡「讓每個人都能享受奢華」宗旨

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The Club RARE 會員


The Big Things Kitchen 呈獻

Customized Canopies

The Big Things Kitchen 100% 本地養殖和製作的特別菜單:Katsu Tamagoyaki Sando;鮑魚、脆皮培根配水晶麵包;烤金槍魚吐司芒果、TBT 蔥油和脆皮餃子皮無激素雞肉、藜麥、黃瓜、TBT 麻辣醬果凍。

Moet Hennessy Diageo 呈獻

Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2021

This elegant rosé is a barrel-aged blend made exclusively from grapes grown on the estate. On tghe nose it's complex and intenese - white fruit, citrus fruits and bitter almonds are complemented with delicate floral aromas. On the palate it's full bodied -layered with a long and mineral finish, evoking the Mediterranean Sea breeze.

RARE SkinFuel 獻上

Age Delaying Hand Treatment

採用 100% 天然延緩衰老的護膚品,讓您的肌膚放鬆,感受奢華的享受。

Cookies made from

Petite sserie

The concept of Petite sserie cookies is low-sugar and low-fat butter, The founder, Judy Kwong, who love to bake and create desserts recipe, invent her cookies with different textures, which allows everyone enjoys all kinds of cookies in a healthy but surprising way.

Partner with

Nextwave Yachting

NextWave Charters 隸屬於 Nextwave Yachting Limited,其其他活動包括遊艇銷售、遊艇豪華玩具銷售、遊艇管理,經營著 50 多艘各種遊艇,包括超級遊艇、豪華品牌遊艇、西部巡洋艦、垃圾船、快艇、單體帆船和雙體帆船從 16 英尺到 131 英尺,專注於安全性、可靠性和出色的客戶服務。