The Club RARE

About Us

The Club RARE, a down to earth town club in Hong Kong, promoting “Make Luxury Accessible to Everyone”. 

Become our club members, you can enjoy different prestige and posh delights, including various of services: Beauty & Wellness, Dining & Beverages, Lifestyle & Leisure, by all means, more will be coming up in the future.


About Our Founder

Michelle Chen - Founder of The Club RARE & RARE SkinFuel

Michelle is a “skincare believer” and anti-aging enthusiast, she first created RARE SkinFuel, a local clean beauty brand, in 2018, using the natural and powerful skincare products to inspire and reassure women, with a “Reveal, Not Conceal” true beauty philosophy.

This year, Michelle creates The Club RARE, in order to promote “Make Luxury Accessible to Everyone”, differ from other town club in Hong Kong, The Club RARE helping every simple women to enjoy different prestige and posh delights in their daily life.