Intertional Women's Day 2023

Women in Creation & Imagination

Event is ended.

Date : March 11, 2023 (Saturday)

Time : 11:30 am - 3:00pm

Venue : Unit 201, 2/F, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

Thank you for all the support !


iisu Art Space is an emerging diversified contemporary art center in Hong Kong, a practitioner of art and life, where artists and collectors grow together. We provide a space for art gatherings with comprehensive content for art enthusiasts through exhibitions, art activities, creative programs.


International Health & Wellness Channel

The Blu Journal

The Blu Journal is a media platform, wellness coummunity and event organizer to promote selflove, inclusivity, mindefulness, gender equality and mental health awareness. With Beyond the Label podcast, available on Spotify and Apple Podcast, life coaching and live events, we provide a safe space for you to be unapologetically you and to connect with like-minded souls.


100% 純天然護膚品牌

RARE SkinFuel

由自稱 「護膚信徒」 和抗衰老愛好者的米歇爾·陳 (Michelle Chen) 創立-稀有SkinFuel (RSF) 的想法是,年齡只是一個數字。 看到自己和其他女性在不同的人生階段衰老和失去信心,米歇爾決心創建自己的產品線來激勵和安撫女性-讓她們知道化妝只是掩蓋,真正的自信來自裸露的美麗,而且只有稀有才能給您信任,讓您毫無恐懼地露出裸露的皮膚。

像古代傳說中的皇帝一樣,米歇爾癡迷於不朽。 她被迫保持年齡的壓力最終導致她創造了稀有的皮膚燃料-一系列100% 種澳大利亞製造的護膚產品,通過長期而複雜的無熱混合程序,以嚴格限量的數量製造,並具有廣泛的認證有機和澳大利亞本土成分,為你的皮膚提供獨一無二的燃料。


Performance Art

Pang Jing

Through performance art, Pang investigates the connections between the body and spirituality. Her creative inspiration comes from the perception and memory of the body; relation and connection; the unknown and risk; the land and plants.The bodily perceptual experiences of the artist and the audience will be explored in-depth through her performance practice to examine how the connection between humankind could be revealed. She attempts to discover the interlaced structure in this self-reflective journey: self and others, subject and object, active and passive, centre and extremity, limitation and freedom, past and future, beginning and end, life and death, being and nothing.